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What type of packaging solution suits your needs?

Shelf-ready packaging (SRP)

Shelf-ready packaging that can be filled and closed by machines streamlines production and saves money. At a sales outlet, SRP packages are easy to open and use, and they are quick to shelve.

Packaging machines suitable for various packaging methods – select A, B, or C:

Option  A:

Automatic box forming machine (HMA, HME, HMY)
+ manual packaging + automated lidding or closing (LM, LC)

Option B:

Automatic box forming machine (HMA, HME, HMY)
+ automated packaging (using a robot or manipulator)
+ automated lidding or closing (LM, LM-XL, LC, KA)

Option C:

Automatic group packaging machine (CP/WA or CP/TP)


Packaging and trays for professional gardening, bakery, fish, and meat applications

Automation helps even small production units to increase their production and handle periods of peak demand. Stackable packages with modular sizing enable filling trays more efficiently and improve logistics.

Box and tray forming machines for various package structures:

  • CF-8 for mechanically closeable packages

  • The HMA and HME series, for structures assembled by means of a hot-melt adhesive

  • A strong-box machine for boxes with reinforced structures assembled by means of a hot-melt adhesive: SB-20


Large transport packages for the construction, furniture, and metalworking industries, among other fields

We offer tailor-made packaging lines for needs ranging from the production of small batches to mass production running 24/7, depending on your product and packaging processes.

  • Automatic box forming machines BBF and HMA-XL, as the size range dictates

  • Closing machine series LC and LM lidding machines, customised for the required speed range

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