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We take pride in helping our clients keep their automation systems running smoothly for years to come

We help you care for your automation systems throughout their entire lifecycle. Their long lifespan and reliability are a matter of pride for us. Our comprehensive lifecycle services range from maintenance and monitoring to remote support and equipment life cycle optimization.


Maintenance and repairs

Regular preventive maintenance helps prevent unplanned downtime and keeps your machines running smoothly.

oCare maintenance contracts are tailored to meet the needs of your production and systems.

In the event of a fault, our staff will locate the fault, repair the system and replace faulty parts. After our corrective maintenance, you will receive a transparent recommendation for further action and spare parts.

Modernizations and modifications

As production needs change or systems age, we analyze the possibility of leveraging existing hardware to optimize the system.

Modernization efforts aim to make the most of your previous investments to do more with less.

Spare parts

Get the parts you need, when you need them, with Orfer's fast and easy spare parts service.​

If necessary, we also offer installation and commissioning services.

Training and consulting

Our training services ensure that the operation and maintenance of your system are carried out in a planned, efficient, and safe manner.

Training services are available for the personnel who use and maintain the system, as well as with specially agreed content for a wide range of different needs.

remote support

Our experts are available 24/7 to help you troubleshoot, diagnose problems, and get your production back up and running via remote connection.

With oCare 24/7 remote support, you're never alone when a breakdown occurs.

data services

Our IoT service is based on data collected from the system and sent to the cloud.

Using this data, we can validate the system's capabilities. You can monitor the most important OEE figures in real time. A drop in capability indicates a need for action.

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